Patios, Pool Enclosures, & Deck Washing

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Patios, Pool Enclosures, & Deck Washing

Pool enclosures, concrete patios, pool decks, pavers, and screened-in areas, are likely to be some of your favorite areas of your home. The common element is that these are recreational areas. Looking spiffy clean contributes to enjoyment, but being clean is also a health concern. These kinds of areas are often full of children and see a lot of bare feet. Jackalopes Pressure Washing Services cleans all of these areas with great skill and care.

We take great pride in our careful use of low pressure washing techniques to protect your most valuable asset — your home. We understand that costly damage to your pool enclosure or patio area would void any benefit we could offer, and therefore we treat your beloved spaces with great care. Traditional power washing uses very high water pressure to get surfaces clean. It works, but the high pressure will often damage the surfaces and surrounding areas being cleaned. It will damage screens, and can damage wood decks. Low pressure washing prevents these potential problems by avoiding the high pressure that causes them.

Most stains on decks, particularly those around pools, are created by algae, mold, mildew and other biologic agents. Pavers, patios and the bases of screened-in areas are also subject to these discolorations. Screens themselves, particularly pool enclosures and their support frames, may accumulate mold and mildew. We’ll clean all of it for you without damaging your support frame or blowing out your screens.

Discolorations of biological origin in recreational areas need fast attention. Algae, mold, bacteria and fungus can cause health issues. In addition, algae can quickly make a surface slippery, posing a risk of injury. The commercial detergents used by Jackalopes Pressure Washing Service cleans these surfaces well, but the cleaners also kill the algae, mold and bacteria. This results in surfaces that stay clean longer.

If your home’s pool enclosure, patio, deck, or other recreational areas need cleaning, give us a call today!

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