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Concrete Cleaning Services Done Right

Why is concrete cleaning important? Concrete is prone to stains and discoloration. Algae can develop on concrete, especially in places where moisture occurs. Sidewalks often acquire a kind of brick-colored stain from iron in irrigation water. Parking areas are known to accumulate oil and gas stains. A dumpster pad can be stained by spills and grease. Algae sometimes makes walkways slippery, which creates the potential for a liability law suit.

Residential and commercial property owners may make sure their building’s exterior is clean, have the roofs regularly washed, work on keeping plantings and turf neat and orderly, and still neglect areas like sidewalks and parking spaces. Concrete sometimes gets overlooked. But how it looks does matter. Stained and dirty concrete can affect the curb appeal of a house, and make a business property look old and tired. Initial impressions are important, and unsightly concrete affects how people see a property. That means potential home buyers and potential customers may decide to go somewhere else.

Jackalopes Pressure Washing Services specializes in concrete cleaning. We use commercial grade equipment to give you professional results. We wash walkways, dumpster pads, concrete parking areas, concrete patios, brick pavers and any other concrete surfaces.

The low pressure washing techniques used by Jackalopes Pressure Washing Services clean concrete just as thoroughly as the traditional methods of blasting away stains with water under high pressure. That kind of pressure washing gets concrete clean, but too much pressure can cause damage. Turf and plantings adjacent to areas being washed are safe from over-spray damage with Jackalopes Pressure Washing Services.

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