Low Pressure Washing

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low pressure washing

Expert & Affordable Low Pressure Washing Services

The low pressure washing that Jackalopes Pressure Washing Services uses is a technique that uses less pressure than traditional power washing. The pressure we use is comparable to that of your sink faucet.

Traditional power washing uses raw power to clean. This can be upwards of 4,000 PSI. It cleans, but it also often causes damage. Power washing at high pressure can damage shingles and force water under shingles into the structure the shingles are supposed to protect. Power washing can damage other surfaces as well. It can damage the surface of bricks and the mortar that holds the bricks together. High pressure washing can also damage plantings and lawns, window frame seals, pool cage screens and vinyl siding. Click here to learn more about the specific technique we use for pool surrounds and patios areas.

A large portion of stains and discolorations are biological in origin. The detergents that Jackalopes uses kills the algae, mold and other agents that cause these stains. Our process cleans the surface, but also eliminates the cause — we just don’t “blast” stains away. The result is that the surfaces washed this way stay clean longer without causing damage to your property.

Not all stains and problems on surfaces around residential and commercial structures are biological in origin. Irrigation systems in lawns commonly leave iron deposits on concrete walkways. Stains in driveways often result from vehicle oil and gas leaks. Fallen leaves in rainwater can leave stains, as can rust from iron fences or decorative grillwork. Low pressure washing works well on all of these surfaces, without causing the damage that traditional power washing can cause.

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